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Extended Orgasm – Training From Effect 2

Acknowledgement and encouragement allow you both to develop motivation to keep your mind on the process, and by communicating as it proceeds, you can ensure that both of you surrender your control, and the person being pleasure surrenders their nervous … Continue reading

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Extended Orgasm – Training From Effect (1)

Training from Effect One of the keys to success in extended orgasm is being able to communicate effectively with your partner. There is a simple straightforward way in which you can do this. It’s a system that also works in … Continue reading

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Peaking – The Art Of Extended Orgasm

Men and Women, Sex and Orgasm Peaking Video available only on Youtube As you may have realized by now, the main way men know to make a woman orgasm is called climax peaking. It’s basically a way of maintaining arousal … Continue reading

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Controlling Premature Ejaculation

I have seen many explanations of premature ejaculation in my time as a sex therapist, but never any explanation which relates to the concept of archetypal energies. We see the Lover as the archetype which determines how a man or … Continue reading

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Pleasuring a novice

Pleasuring a Novice Suppose you are working with somebody who has not experienced extended orgasm before. You need to start by asking them questions – almost interviewing them, in fact – to find out as much as you can about … Continue reading

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Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy In comparison to the frequency of failure in sexual functioning and the great amount of distress it causes, the number of specialist sex therapists is incredibly low. The majority of people with such problems still turn to doctors … Continue reading

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Male Sexual Response

Male Sexual Response In their pioneering work Human Sexual Response, Masters and Johnson described the physiological changes a man goes through during sex in terms of a sexual response cycle arbitrarily divided into four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. … Continue reading

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Manifestation and Law Of Attraction

If you have a look at you will see a great explanation of the law of attraction. The law of attraction is a wonderful process which has been known for generations. You might wonder how it can work, particularly if you … Continue reading

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Could prostate massage help?

Well, probably, because it certainly is a highly stimulating technique, and it’s very likely to provide a way in which a man can increase his level of sexual excitation and arousal to the point where he reaches the point of … Continue reading

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Broken Up? Get Your Ex Back Easily!

One of the things I hear about over and over again is the fact that relationships break up because of delayed ejaculation. In fact, when you think about it, this isn’t surprising at all, because delayed ejaculation is profoundly destructive … Continue reading

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