Broken Up? Get Your Ex Back Easily!

One of the things I hear about over and over again is the fact that relationships break up because of delayed ejaculation.

In fact, when you think about it, this isn’t surprising at all, because delayed ejaculation is profoundly destructive to the self-esteem of a woman in a relationship with a man – she often comes to the conclusion that she’s not attractive enough to arouse him sufficiently for him to ejaculate during intercourse.

This is a devastating blow to most women, and it’s not surprising that in the face of the stress of not feeling attractive (or wanted), or not feeling affirmed in their very sexuality, the very essence of who they are, they are likely in the end to walk away from the relationship.

This tendency is made worse by the fact that many men within a relationship who experience delayed ejaculation tend to be uncommunicative and self-contained, without even realizing it.

Now I’m not saying that this is in any way the fault of the men, or that they are to blame for this: we know that men with delayed ejaculation tend to have emotional problems and issues which stretch far back into their history, and certainly are not a product of becoming sexually active in adulthood or even late adolescence.

In the face of this information, it’s extremely hard to apportion any kind of blame to a couple who break up because of delayed ejaculation.

Often men in this kind of situation feel they are really out of place, a bit like a fish out of water, perhaps, and that their true sexual interest is more focused on being sexual with themselves – a form of autosexuality – then it is on being sexual with anybody else.

This is a tragedy for all concerned, because it denies the couple the sexual pleasure which is the birthright of any human being, and it denies the couple the special pleasure and profound connection which can come from sex enjoyed in the most spiritual and physical ways.

And sure, having said all that, it’s difficult for many people to find the resources – whether financial, emotional, spiritual, or in terms of time – to seek out the extensive sexual therapy which might alleviate these problems and restore a degree of connection and intimacy within the relationship.

Bearing this in mind, the question is, therefore, what are you going to do if you have broken up because of delayed ejaculation and you don’t know how to get back together? Especially if you don’t know what steps to take, and, most importantly of all, you still feel that your ex-partner was the one who was meant to be with you.

Well, perhaps one answer is this: you’re going to have to find some form of self-help therapy.

Defined in the broadest possible terms, of course, self-help therapy can be nothing more than an online internet program which is designed to guide you through a number of ways of connecting with your partner so that you can re-establish a level of intimacy and connection that perhaps was missing previously, especially during your experiences with sexual dysfunction.

Her is one of the best places I know for couples in this situation – looking to get back together – which is not just about getting back together with your ex-partner, but also contains lots of relationship advice as well.

In particular it describes a program called Text Your Ex Back, which is one of the most well known and describes why relationships end and explains how you can get back together, and how you can stay together.

And while I don’t suppose that this will solve everybody’s problems, all of the time, but I think that the program is well worth a look, and it’s extremely valuable for everybody who needs advice on how to get more pleasure from a relationship.

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