Build a better body with the Adonis golden ratio

June 6, 2014

1-1 (16)The Adonis golden ratio

A remarkable diet program for men that has seen immense popularity on the Internet over the past few months.

It is written by a man called John Barban who has a massive history and background in nutrition, supplementation, fitness, bodybuilding, exercise, weight loss and other general health promoting programs for both men and women.

What can the Adonis golden ratio do for you? Well, the amazing thing is that the Adonis Golden ratio can help you to lose 12 pounds in 10 weeks, it can turn your body from a weak and feeble one into a muscular shaped male body with a dramatically improved, classically masculine body form that women will find very attractive, and it can increase your social and sexual confidence massively.

1-1 (17)These benefits that are too great to turn down, so I strongly recommend that if you have any interest in any of these areas, you look at the Adonis golden ratio by following the connection that I offer on this website.

I need hardly add that one of the amazing things that will help you achieve success if you adopt this program for bodybuilding weight loss is the fact that there is a massive community of fellow travellers who all want you to succeed, and who are all looking the same measure of personal improvement that you are.

This community is so supportive and absolutely fantastic in gaining motivation, attracting support, and finding ways to overcome resistance to exercise in the gym that we all know about.

Now I know that many of you will be little bit cynical about me suggesting that weight loss program like this can actually make such a massive difference to your health and fitness, but the truth of the matter lies in the fact that it’s a different kind of program. It’s not just program that will enable you to lose weight fast, but it will actually allow you to put on considerable amounts of muscle.

It’s act1-1 (18)ually tailored to your individual needs and requirements, and especially written for men by John Barban, who I mentioned above.

I know that the idea of tedious repetitive exercise routines in a gymnasium full of sweaty macho men is really quite unappealing and unattractive to the majority of us, but this is different.

You can download the exercise program that is being calculated your needs onto your phone, or print it out and PDF, so that you can actually use it at home, or take it to the gym at a time that suits you.

Furthermore, the system provides massive support for all bodybuilders and weight loss fanatics that you will never be short of an answer either from the support staff program, or from the Adonis golden ratio community.

That community probably represents one of the most motivating groups of people I’ve ever met on any kind of self improvement in the 12 years that have been looking at self-improvement programs on the Internet.

Now the final question I would like to do well on very briefly is what advantages this can produce for you.Well, apart from the obvious advantages that come to mind immediately — which is to say looking better and feeling better — there are much more important and subtle advantages for men.

One of the more unexpected benefits is the social and sexual success that can come from having a great body — we all know that women do prefer muscular men who conform to a certain body shape and size, because that signals their fitness, their health, and they’re likely fathering of good children.

Now I know this may form a stereotypical view of the relationship between the sexes, there is plenty of evidence that both men and women alike are programmed to look for certain sexual characteristics in the opposite sex, and when they see those characteristics, they are naturally attracted to the person carrying them.

Is a biological imperative known as sexual selection, and regrettably it still plays out today, even though we would like to think of ourselves as sophisticated and civilized.

If you want a full advantage in the dating and mating arena, you want to feel confident when you’re making love to a woman, then the Adonis golden ratio is probably your best chance of achieving this.