Premature Ejaculation Banished!

Do you want to make love with complete ejaculation control?

At least 70% of men ejaculate before they or their partner wishes them to do so when they’re making love.

So I’d like to tell you a bit about a home-treatment solution for premature ejaculation that might be the answer to all your problems.

If you’re a man who reaches orgasm without control, or with only a little control, and nearly always before you wish to do so, please read on. Your problems might just be over. But before I get down to the nitty-gritty I’d just like to remind you of a simple point that is often overlooked: stopping premature ejaculation is not difficult.

The Cure For Premature Ejaculation Is In Your Hands!

Many of us, I think, struggle with the belief that good sex is somehow difficult or complicated, or that it involves a whole series of sophisticated sexual techniques known only to the experts.

The truth is quite different, of course. Sex is natural, and good sex only takes a little bit of time and knowledge. The thing is, as we grow up, who gives us this knowledge? Certainly not our fathers, and the information we get from older brothers or friends at school isn’t likely to be much use.

So having a source of information like this is worth its weight in gold – it tells you what things you need to know to have really great sex – and the extraordinary thing is that all of these things are actually quite natural and normal.

Yes, you can actually choose when to ejaculate.

The answer is that as you make love, you keep your sexual arousal below the point at which you know you’re going to “spurt” and you can’t stop it (this is the point of no return, also known as the point of ejaculatory inevitability).

Then, when YOU DECIDE it’s time to “release”, you CHOOSE TO take yourself over the point of no return…. by harder or faster thrusting, or by dirty talk, or with something else that arouses you more and more…like having your partner whisper in your ear “Come in me, now!” …. or something ruder and dirtier….

So the first thing is to raise the level of sexual stimulation needed for you to ejaculate, particularly if you presently ejaculate with very little sexual stimulation.

That’s the first part of the solution, though it won’t apply to men whose threshold of ejaculation is far too low.

And, of course, to take stimulation for much longer without becoming too aroused and ejaculating before you wish to do so…..

The second set of techniques is made up of ways to control your ejaculation when you’re getting near the point of climax.

You may have heard of some of these techniques: using your pubococygeus or PC muscle, for example. Well, don’t get the idea that this is all about squeezing as hard as you can to stop yourself coming! The PC muscle is a muscle deep down in your pelvis which (more or less) controls ejaculation and the hardness of your erections.

If you know how to contract it briefly and correctly from time to time while you’re making love, you can last much much longer in bed – and by that I mean like 10 times longer.

What you definitely can’t do, however, is squeeze it at the point where you’re going to ejaculate to stop yourself coming. That is impossible and doesn’t work.

Used correctly, however, you’ll find that if you squeeze the muscle squeezes ever-so-slightly during lovemaking, it will reduce the hardness of your erection very slightly, and more importantly, reduce the level of your sexual arousal rather a lot.

This means you can go on making love for MUCH LONGER without any danger of ejaculating. In fact, you should be able to easily satisfy your partner – i.e. bring her to orgasm.

The emotional side of great sex

Physical techniques are a part of the battle, but only a part.

That’s because you also need confidence in your ability to last long enough in bed, because that helps you control premature ejaculation and prevent your climax from occurring unexpectedly.

It also sends a message to your woman that you care about her sexual pleasure. A woman in love with you has no greater desire than to feel your true masculine power as you thrust into her.

Yes, that’s the power of sex – the real meeting of masculine and feminine, which provides the most satisfying experience both you and your partner will ever have. Now, there are lots of techniques that can help to change your mental attitude to almost anything in life: hypnosis, meditation, positive affirmations, shadow work… and a whole lot more (the shadow being specially important).  

However those take up time every day, and perhaps what you need are techniques that give you the confidence to make love with full confidence in your sexual capacity and strength, right now!

As far as I’m aware, the only techniques that will do that for you are shadow work or NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques.

Just imagine how important it is for you, as a man, to have total control over your sexual performance in bed.

And then, with huge sexual confidence, you go into sex knowing that you can last as long as you want. It’s automatic. And when you feel like that, you may not even need to use the physical techniques, because your body follows what your mind dictates.

How you feel as a man isn’t just about how you feel in your job, in your home, in your relationship. I think it doesn’t really depends on any of those: at its root, I think how you feel about yourself as a man depends in large part on how good you are in bed, how good you are at making love to a woman.

There’s something else you need to know as well. I know YOU feel bad about premature ejaculation, because you’re here reading this. But your partner also feels bad about it.  For one thing, she wants the satisfaction of having your cock inside her for as long as possible during intercourse. That means she can feel the emotional connection between you as well as the physical connection. And that is how she’s going to get the greatest amount of pleasure during intercourse.

Not being able to last long enough can put considerable strain even in the most enduring sexual relationships. Even if your female partner says she doesn’t mind, the simple truth is she will almost certainly wonder what sex would be like if you (or any other man) could last long enough to bring her to an exquisite orgasm.

Yes, I accept this is pretty challenging stuff. The idea that your relationship might founder because you’re not very good in bed is a bit of a challenge, particularly if you’re a two-minute man at the moment.

But here’s the point: you don’t need to be a two-minute man, a four-minute man, a six-minute man or a ten-minute man… you can be a 27-minute man, a 37-minute man, or more.

In short, you can choose when to ejaculate during sex.

OK. Again, here’s how it works: when you have better control over your level of arousal during intercourse, and when you can take more stimulation before you even think you’re going to ejaculate, THEN you can make love for as long as you want without reaching “the point of no return” until you choose to go there…..

So, when you want to come, all you have to do is increase the power and force of your thrusts during intercourse, or increase the level of stimulation you’re getting – for example by sucking her breasts or having her play with the most sensitive parts of your body or kissing her or indulging in some wild fantasy…. or whatever.

The point is, you have control of your arousal so you can increase it when you want.

When you have that control it’s only a short and glorious step to a magnificent orgasm. For her and for you.

And when you can do this, you’ll be able to time your orgasm to coincide with your partner’s. Simultaneous orgasm. Wow!

A lot of people say it isn’t worth aiming for simultaneous climax, for all kinds of reasons.

I think the people who say this are mostly people who’ve never experienced it, because I can tell you that simultaneous climax can really transform sex from “good” to “great”.

If you don’t know this you’re missing out on a critical piece of lovemaking technique that can massively increase her desire for sex: after a woman’s had an orgasm thru’ manual or oral stimulation, she is mentally much more ready to take your erect penis into her body and she’ll respond to your lovemaking much more vigorously and enthusiastically. Not only that, but the inside of her vagina will be warm, wet and swollen so your sexual pleasure will be a 1000 times better and more satisfying. Who said foreplay wasn’t worth it?

One of the other things that men constantly complain about to me is the fact that their partner doesn’t want to have sex.

There are many reasons why women lose their sexual desire, but one interesting thing you may not know is that the solution is almost always in your hands.

It’s about the way you relate to her, both in and out of the bedroom.

Mental attitude, what the pickup artists call the “inner game”, is all about knowing how to treat a woman in the way that’s going to make her heart and body want you so much that she responds to you with instant desire whenever you initiate sex.

In this state, she’ll often initiate sex herself, she wants it so much.

So there you have it: mental techniques, physical techniques, behavioral techniques, NLP techniques…. whatever you need to last as long as you want with a woman.


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