Could prostate massage help?

Well, probably, because it certainly is a highly stimulating technique, and it’s very likely to provide a way in which a man can increase his level of sexual excitation and arousal to the point where he reaches the point of ejaculatory inevitability much more easily and so ejaculates during intercourse.

Now this may be a new idea, and it may have connotations for you of latent homosexuality. But the truth of the matter is that there is is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you should have this belief system.

Prostate stimulation is used in many different disciplines, including Tantric sexuality, and it is certainly used for providing great pleasure for men even when they do not have delayed ejaculation, by their female partners in heterosexual relationships.

In other words, and encouraging you to use a new kind of stimulation which may well have the possibility of taking you to orgasm and ejaculating without difficulty associated with conventional levels types of stimulation.

I suppose one of the things that I find when dealing with men who have delayed ejaculation is the most doctors and even sex therapists are reluctant to suggest this is because it’s a little bit “off the wall”, and a lot of men are resistant to the idea of penetration, even when it could help them in this very necessary and significant way.

So if you have delayed ejaculation I would encourage you to watch the video below, because although we’re not dealing with Tantric sexuality, it’s got useful information about prostate stimulation that will help you to overcome your doubts and enjoy this form of sexual play with your partner.

Now assuming that you’re not interested in prostate massage as some kind of cure for slow ejaculation, the question arises for what could you possibly do to enable you to get more sexual stimulation, achieve greater arousal, and therefore ejaculate more quickly?

Well, you could even try more conventional forms of stimulation — and I would include stimulation of your nipples, stimulation of your testicles, and perhaps even a slower approach to arousal and orgasm.

You see, one of the things that men often experience is a rush to orgasm. It’s quite natural, indeed, there’s a lot to be said for indulging this instinctual approach to sex, because it can be very fulfilling. You might also wish to try new sexual techniques, which you can see by clicking here.

However,  what men discover when they take things more slowly is that given the opportunity to build their arousal more gradually over a longer period of time, they can reach higher levels of arousal, and this is particularly true when the pressure to ejaculate is removed.

It’s absolutely critical that the female partner and is intimately involved in the exploration of the man’s body, so that she can stimulate him find his erogenous zones, the areas of tissue, and the particular forms of stimulation which excite him more than anything else. You can see why if you read more about it here, which is all about delayed ejaculation.

This will serve as a means of establishing greater sexual arousal, taking him faster and easier towards the point ejaculatory inevitability, and then finally when the moment arrives actually giving him a much more rewarding and satisfying orgasm.

People refer to detachment from one’s own sexuality when discussing causes of delayed ejaculation.

All I can say about this is that detachment from one’s inner world of sexual fantasy sexuality is the product of a psychological profile which regards connection and intimacy with other people as unsafe.

If you happen to be in this situation, then it might be good idea to examine the possibility of sexual psychotherapy to deal with the issues which underlie your sense of detachment.

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