Treatment For Premature Ejaculation

Possible Treatment Methods For PE

Coming too soon is always disappointing; and it’s often embarrassing too. The thing is, though, it’s actually completely natural.

In 1948, Alfred Kinsey discovered that a massive three quarters of men ejaculate inside of two minutes from the moment of penetration.

And recent research has demonstrated that very little has changed. Although, of course, one of the things that has changed is our easy access to short-lived pornography on the Internet, which might be in part responsible for two things.

First, raising the expectations of both men and women about the length of time for which the average man can make love.

Second, giving you a rapid and easy way to achieve orgasm and ejaculate… but one that is highly addictive, and is likely to gradually cause a decrease in the duration for which you can control your ejaculatory reflex.

Causes of Premature Ejaculatory Responses

There are many explanations as to why premature ejaculation happens.

They include biological causes, by which we mean things like extremely sensitive skin on the penis, and psychological causes, by which we mean things like performance anxiety, depression, guilt or shame around sex, or even downright sexual inexperience.

Despite a great deal of scientific research, there’s still no firm evidence that there is a biological causation at work, although some scientists would have you believe this.

They found, when they analyzed brain chemistry, that men who ejaculate quickly have different levels of serotonin in their brains from men who have longer staying power in bed.

But this doesn’t demonstrate causation, it merely demonstrates a correlation, and it’s equally plausible that men who have different levels of serotonin do so because they are more anxious, or they have a different psychological attitude to sex.

Certainly we know that confidence plays a massive role in sexual performance. 

Causes of premature ejaculation

Nonetheless, even without a correlation between serotonin levels and the speed of ejaculation, it might still be possible for an ejaculation control pill to be developed which acts on a man’s speed of ejaculation simply by altering the levels of serotonin in his brain.

Whether or not you would wish to take such a powerful chemical agent to extend the duration of intercourse and make yourself last longer in bed, is of course another matter.

I can’t personally say that if lack of control when I was ejaculating was a problem for me I’d want to interfere with the way my brain operates by using pharmaceuticals.

(I should mention in passing that a drug known as Priligy, of the same family as SSRI antidepressants, has in fact been licensed in some parts of the world as a premature ejaculation cure.)

Effective Treatments For Premature Ejaculation

So what would you do first?

The best way to find a treatment that will help you last longer is to see a counselor or a sexual therapist, who can talk through your sexual history with you and look for any significant mental, psychological, or emotional factors that may be responsible for you coming too fast.

So one thing you can usefully do is explore dating tips and advice to make you feel more masculine.

For example, an obvious factor is guilt and shame around sex; this is probably as common as performance anxiety.

In the latter case, men who are anxious about sex, about their bodies, or about satisfying their sexual partners, tend to come quickly. This in turn makes them more anxious, which makes them come even quicker next time.

Proven Strategies That Cure Premature Ejaculation & Overcome Quick Ejaculation

1 Don’t squeeze your PC muscles!

How long do you last?

Although many people think that squeezing the PC muscle is an effective way to control premature ejaculation, the truth is that just before you ejaculate, your PC muscle contracts as part of your ejaculatory reflex, so consciously squeezing it just before ejaculation can actually speed up your arrival at the point of no return (the point where ejaculation becomes inevitable).

Having said this, it’s actually true that if in the early stages of sexual arousal you squeeze your PC muscle and exhale your breath in a series of short sharp exhalations, you’re very likely to decrease your level of sexual arousal.

2 Engage in a stress relaxation program

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2007 revealed that one hour of yoga every day for 12 weeks quadrupled the average duration of sex for a group of men from 33 seconds to 1 minute 52 seconds.

And although this is not a huge increase in the duration of sex, it’s a very significant indicator that reducing your stress level can actually increase the length of time for which you make love before you ejaculate.

It’s all about lasting longer by being more relaxed in bed! The duration of intercourse in bed or on the chaise longue, bunk bed or mattress, on the floor on rutting in the cupboard, can easily be increased – lasting lengthier is easy! Just do yoga!

3 Find out how aroused you are and stay in control of your arousal

If you think of your arousal on a scale from 0 (as no arousal) to 100 (when you’re ejaculating), you need to try and keep your arousal level at around 30 to 40 during foreplay until you really decide you wish to ejaculate.

One effective way to do this is to constantly monitor it, which is not as disruptive to sex as it may sound, because doing so only requires a short-term, moment’s attention. A great way to keep your arousal low is to keep the whole of your body musculature relaxed, and in particular your PC muscles.

As we know from the above, tension in the pubococcygeus muscle is likely to lead to rapid ejaculation. Relaxing the muscle does take practice and some degree of application, but the results are well worth while.

Cognitive and medical treatments for premature ejaculation

4 Consider the use of antidepressant SSRIs

I’ve mentioned this above. It’s entirely your personal responsibility if you decide to use SSRI antidepressants as an off label medication for delaying ejaculation.

These chemicals raise levels of serotonin, a brain chemical associated with the control of sexual excitement.

You should be aware, however, that the side effects range from a reduction in your sex drive to a complete inability to ejaculate, and many men experience a significant delay in ejaculation which goes way beyond what they were looking for. Priligy, aka Dapoxetine, is the most effective form of antidepressant used as a cure for premature ejaculation.

5 Try and maintain a healthy attitude to sex

If you are experiencing feelings of guilt, frustration, shame, or anxiety around sex, rest assured this is quite common: it’s a very emotive area of our human experience.

If you feel that you have issues around sex, or indeed around your relationships with women, then it’s worth seeking psychotherapy or sexual therapy.

If you want to prolong sex, then hankering after a premature ejaculation cure won’t be enough – you must take action!

It’s also highly important not to blame yourself or feel inadequate about the sexual performance you extend in bed: one way to deal with this is to speak openly with your partner in a way that allows you both to communicate exactly how you’re feeling about the problem.

This also opens the door to discussions about potential solutions, of course.

6 Practice the stop-start method

Well, it’s been said that the stop-start method is ineffective and its effects don’t last, but I can tell you that my experience is that it’s the most effective method of curing premature ejaculation.

The way it works is this: during sexual intercourse you simply stop making love before you reach your point of no return, then you relax, then you allow your arousal to drop, and then you start making love again.

You can also go a long way towards ejaculation control by learning how to do this during masturbation.

Although many things can be said against the use of porn (not least the fact that it is responsible for men ejaculating prematurely because their sexual system is conditioned to develop a rapid ejaculatory reflex), one of the things that I think it can be useful for is allowing a man to learn ejaculatory control in a highly stimulating environment.

I have had a success rate with my clients with the stop start method, premature ejaculation cures, with success rates of up to 95%. If you’re practicing during masturbation, remember that all you have to do is work up to 15 minutes of stimulation before you ejaculate.

You can do this very simply by repeatedly bringing yourself close to your point of ejaculatory inevitability, then reduce your level of self-stimulation and let your sexual arousal drop, the restarting your stimulation, until you can last for 15 minutes before you ejaculate.

You can do the same when bedding a woman, prolonging intercourse as you wish.

Should you need to inhibit your ejaculation during this time you can squeeze your PC muscle and exhale several sharp breaths whilst imagining the sexual energy in your genitals dissipating.

Another method is to apply firm pressure with your thumb and forefinger right below the head of your penis, with your thumb at the side of your penis near your body and your finger on your frenulum.

This squeeze technique momentarily decreases the hardness of your erection and cause your arousal to drop fairly significantly. It certainly represses your ejaculatory reflex. Tall men can do this more easily than short men.

7 Know where your point of ejaculatory inevitability lies

As you may know, the sexual arousal response is broken into four phases which are: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. It’s the plateau phase where you wish to stay, receiving sexual stimulation or making love with your partner, until you decide to ejaculate.

Many men who have premature ejaculation go straight from the plateau phase to orgasm; the trick for making this period the longest possible is to slow down and recognize that there is a whole range feelings available to you in your body should you choose to pay attention to them.

These feelings can tell you how near your point of ejaculatory inevitability you are. If you try and keep your arousal around 30 to 40 on a scale of 0 to 100, you’re very likely to develop the ability to control your ejaculation quite successfully.

8 Take shallow thrusts during intercourse

This works because without deep penetration and a great deal of stimulation on the length of the penile shaft during the penetration, you are much less likely to ejaculate.

As an added benefit, if you only enter the head of your penis into her vagina you’ll be actually is stimulating the most sensitive area of her G Spot; regardless of the longer vaginal canals out there, even the longest can be stimulated by small shallow thrusts that extend only to the first 3 inches inside the vaginal canal.

When you want to come, ejaculating fast and hard, you can always extend your thrusts, making them longer, harder and deeper.

9 Adopt a different approach to sex: women come first!

While you may already be doing this, if you’re not, you should be keeping your woman happy by helping her to her first orgasm during foreplay using cunnilingus or finger stimulation techniques. Most women will reach orgasm in about 15 minutes of effective stimulation this way, and her orgasm is likely to be a very powerful one.

After this she should be willing, if not eager, to have intercourse with you and to some extent the speed with which you ejaculate becomes less important. It’s not exactly a cure for premature ejaculation, but, hey, it’s better than nothing as a strategy!

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